About Us

    This is a little page we put together so you can get to know us a little
better and see what we do. If you want to read about each one of us
individually, click on one of the names below. If you'd like to know a little
more about the business and how it came to be, then keep scrolling.
A Little History About The Business     

    Originally my parents, Barb and Erik, did wood workings as gifts;
mostly for family. As the years went by and they made more things,
more people got to see their talents. The more people saw, the more
requests they began getting for pieces available for purchase. I thought it
was cool; they were doing something they enjoyed and making a few
dollars here and there. I often thought, "Why don't they do this as a job?"
Eventually, I brought that question up with a friend.
    We both thought it would be a good idea if they started a website.
When I returned home, I brought the idea up to my parents. They
thought it was a pretty good idea as well. And now here we are, several
years later. A website, and now we're looking to expand with social
media, so check back frequently!